Texans have long been known for their unrelenting can-do spirit.

At University of Texas institutions across the state, that spirit fuels intense curiosity and a relentless drive that spurs innovation in the way we teach, conduct research and deliver health care. Join us for the 47th Chancellor's Council Annual Meeting & Symposium and learn how UT institutions are harnessing the power of innovation.

Dr. Sandra Chapman

Sandra Chapman, Ph.D.


At UT Dallas, cutting-edge research is shedding light on new ways to make the brain smarter.

Brain Health: Think Smarter



Sean Savitz, M.D


At UT Health Science Center at Houston, people suffering from stroke have a greater chance of surviving thanks to better and faster treatment.

 Revolutionizing Treatment of Strokes


Lynda Chin, M.D.


At UT MD Anderson cancer center, a super computer is helping doctors to accelerate and improve cancer care.

Courtney DiNardo, M.D.

Teaming with Technology to Decrease Cancer Deaths




Daniel Bonevac, Ph.D.


And, at UT Austin, technology is opening classrooms to the entire world and forever changing the educational experience.

Demystifying MOOCs




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