Centurion members will have an opportunity to become fully immersed in higher education issues important to the Chancellor and UT System institutions. Involvement with these issues will occur through communication with the Chancellor, other System officers and Chancellor's Council Executive Committee (CCEC) members, and via participation in scheduled events.


The Chancellor’s Centurions will meet two times a year, in the fall and spring, and may have regional meetings throughout the year.

Spring Meeting - Chancellor's Council Annual Meeting and Symposium

April 26, 2019, Austin, TX

Visit the 2019 Annual Meeting website for photos, videos and a recap of this special day.


What do the Chancellor’s Centurions do?

Stay Engaged:  Membership in the Chancellor’s Centurions provides a unique avenue for staying engaged and in-the-know regarding all the great things happening in the UT System. As a member of the Chancellor’s Centurions:

  • You will be invited to attend meetings with the Chancellor where you can learn about his/her initiatives and vision for the UT System and engage with the Chancellor regarding such initiatives and other topics of interest.
  • You will be invited to attend special presentations at various UT System institutions where you can learn firsthand about the latest developments and special projects going on throughout the UT System.
  • On occasion, members of the Chancellor’s Centurions are invited to attend exclusive meetings and events for the CCEC.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the CCEC for those who may be interested in joining in the future.   

Network:  Membership in the Chancellor’s Centurions is a great way to network with other individuals who are interested in the UT System and higher education and health care initiatives generally. As a member of the Chancellor’s Centurions:

  • Not only will you be able to network with other members of the group, but you will have the opportunity to network with the Chancellor, UT System leadership, and other leaders invested in promoting higher education and health care initiatives across the state, including members of the CCEC.
  • Our new mentorship program provides a unique opportunity to engage one-on-one with members of the CCEC.  This is another unique opportunity to learn more about the CCEC and ways to be involved in the UT System.       

Give Back:  Membership in the Chancellor’s Centurions provides an opportunity to give back to the UT System. As a member of the Chancellor’s Centurions: 

  • Part of your annual membership donation will be invested in the Chancellor’s Centurions Scholarship Endowment.  The endowment funds will be used to provide scholarship funds to students in the UT System.
  • You have the opportunity to take the information you learn about the UT System through your involvement and spread the word about all the great strides being made across the UT System.
  • You have the opportunity to brainstorm with other members regarding ways to further the Chancellor’s initiatives and can work together to develop and implement such ideas.

What are the requirements of the Chancellor’s Centurions?

We welcome all individuals interested in becoming a Chancellor’s Centurion. We ask that members attend a minimum of one event per UT System fiscal year in order to ensure the efforts, objectives, and trajectory of the organization remain true to our mission. Additionally, we require a minimum annual financial contribution of $500 from each member. 

Where will my annual donation be applied?

The annual donation will be used to support the goals and objectives of the Centurions in their efforts to further the causes of the UT System. A portion of the annual donation will be placed into the Centurions permanent endowment fund which will pay a dividend each year in the form of scholarship/s for prospective students at a UT System institution. 

How do I join?

Learn more about how to join here

For additional information as to the responsibilities of the Centurions, please reference the Chancellor's Centurions By-laws