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Member Groups

With your support, you become part of a special group that is critical to the success of The University of Texas System.

The Chancellor's Council

The Chancellor’s Council recognizes cumulative giving to the UT System or any of the 14 UT institutions. 

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Chancellor's Council Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee are part of a core leadership group for the Chancellor.

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Ashbel Smith Circle

The Ashbel Smith Circle recognizes those who establish endowments for strategic use by the Chancellor.

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1881 Society

Those who make annual contributions to the UT System become members of the 1881 Society.

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Chancellor's  Centurions

Members of the Chancellor's Centurions are young professionals who have a strong commitment to higher education in Texas.

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Chancellor McRaven and wife Georgeann


It is such an honor for me to lead The University of Texas System as chancellor. Both Georgeann and I are excited to work with you in building a legacy of excellence across the UT System.

The joys I experience in my role are many. The breadth and depth of Texas and the reach of the UT System across this immense landscape is awe-inspiring. The immeasurable dedication of our loyal UT advocates is gratifying and it motivates me every day.

Thank you for your willingness to support the UT System. Together, we will make Texas the destination for all things great in higher education, health care and research.