Group photo of the Centurions with Chancellor Milliken

Members of the Chancellor’s Centurions gathered in Austin to learn more about The University of Texas System and their role in supporting UT institutions.

A Fresh Perspective

From every generation, a group of leaders emerges to offer unique observations about the challenges facing higher education and health care in Texas.

The University of Texas System has established the Centurions program to capture that perspective, and the energy behind it, for the benefit of UT institutions, Texas and beyond.

Chancellor's Centurions are named for the extraordinary young commanders of the ancient Roman army. Known for their skill and courage, they often joined battles on the front lines, leading and inspiring by example.

About the Centurions

The Chancellor’s Centurions program was developed to create a network to educate and inspire the next generation of Texas’ higher education and health care volunteer leaders.

Centurions are young professionals who understand the value and profound impact of public higher education in Texas.

Centurions engage with the Chancellor, UT leadership and other leaders interested in promoting higher education and supporting health care initiatives across the state.

Learn more about the Chancellor's Centurions and Involvement here.