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2022-2023 Chancellor's Council Chair
Chancellor’s Council Chair Tim Crowley and wife Carol

Roles and Responsibilities

The Chancellor’s Council Executive Committee (CCEC) encourages nominations of members who represent all geographic areas of Texas and who reflect the rich and diverse population of our state and the UT institutions. Having CCEC members who bring a variety of perspectives based on different backgrounds and experiences helps foster broader engagement with and support of all UT institutions. The CCEC:

  • Serves as a strategic advisory group for the Chancellor and key officials associated with the UT System. CCEC members offer ideas, assistance and perspectives on issues of importance to the UT System and to higher education and health in Texas.
  • Encourages public support of higher education and health. As informed, dedicated volunteers, CCEC members may be asked to communicate with individuals as appropriate regarding the need for high quality, affordable and accessible higher education and health care.
  • Provides special assistance to the Chancellor in local communities. CCEC members serve as hosts for the Chancellor, arranging meetings with key business and community leaders, the media, public officials and others.

Becoming a CCEC Member

To be considered for the CCEC, individuals must have:

  • Have given $25,000 cumulatively to one or more UT institutions or to the UT System.
  • Continue to support UT institutions financially and through volunteerism, and fulfill an annual membership contribution of $2,500 to the UT System while an active member and $2,000 once moving to Lifetime Membership.  
  • Serve for an initial term of three years. Terms may be renewed up to two additional times (for a total of nine years of service), before consideration for Lifetime Membership. 
  • Participate in at least one CCEC meeting per year.
  • Be nominated by one individual for consideration. Self-nominations may be submitted. CCEC Nomination Form 

CCEC Meetings 

(Members are asked to attend at least one of these meetings annually.)

Fall Meeting – This meeting offers a robust conversation between members and the Chancellor on UT institutions’ opportunities, innovations and challenges. 

Winter Meeting – CCEC members meet in February or March at one of the UT institutions. In addition to enjoying a campus experience, members hear from leaders, faculty and students about the programs and priorities that are unique to advancing that institution. Winter meetings rotate among UT institutions.


Deep DiveThe UT System Deep Dive is a special opportunity for CCEC members to do a “deeper dive” into detailed administrative functions of the UT System Administration and its priorities in serving the institutions.