Funk family









Joe and Kathleen Funk

Joe and Kathleen Funk established the Funk Family Foundation Chancellor's Excellence Endowment to give back to their UT roots. 

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Chris Guinta


Chris Guinta

Having served as one of the first co-chairs of the Chancellor’s Centurions, Chris Guinta is no stranger to taking on challenges. 

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Marjorie Morales


Marjorie Morales

Chancellor William McRaven’s speech served as the catalyst and inspiration for Marjorie to give to the UT System – establishing the Marjorie Morales Chancellor’s Excellence Endowment.

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The Auler Family

The Auler family spans four successive UT generations and through their family endowments are giving it forward - providing funds in perpetuity for the next generation. 

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James Campbell and Sheri Quick

Through their Chancellor's Excellence Endowment, the Quicks want to target
support for the UT System Chancellor.

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Zuhair Khan

In joining the Chancellor’s Centurions, Zuhair accepts his responsibility to promote UT System initiatives and to encourage his peers to do the same.

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Rodney Mendoza with his wife, Loretta, and daughter, Eryka.

It’s important that universities have a full appreciation of what students can bring to their institutions.

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DeWitt and Margaret Waltmon

The Waltmons want to contribute to growth in the state, especially within the medical community.

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Dudley and Maline McCalla

The McCallas are gratified to contribute to the positive change the UT System can help direct.

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Chris and Mike Mizell

The more they learn about each of the UT institutions, the prouder they become about supporting the UT System.

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Kirk Edwards

Supporting the UT System and UT institutions helps foster intellectual growth and economic development in Texas.

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Sandy Norman, Ed.D.

It may be self-serving, he concedes, but Dr. Sandy Norman supports the UT System because of the support he receives in return.

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Deborah and Andrew Johnson

Deborah and Andrew Johnson have learned that “of the first class” is a descriptor that can be attributed to any and all of the UT institutions.

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Rick Harsch


Rick Harsch

Rick Harsch believes that it is important to give. Whether it’s a little or a lot—just give. Giving, at any level, can have a collective impact on the UT System.

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Dr. David Garza


Dr. David Garza

Every year, Dr. David Garza gives to The University of Texas System. He does so because he understands what institutions of higher education contribute to society: a broader, better vision of humanity.

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Dwight Williams and Cynthia Glover


Dwight Williams and Cynthia Glover

Dwight Williams and Cynthia Glover believe that when any of us makes a commitment to support a worthy cause, like The University of Texas System, it leads to a greater good being achieved for Texas and beyond.

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Sarah and Larry West


Sarah and Larry West

Sarah and Larry West established a Chancellor’s Excellence Endowment knowing that such a gift starts a ripple effect that will benefit all UT institutions.

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Herlinda Aguilar Wilkinson

Students will continue to need financial backing, institutional support and innovative programs to make their own way in this awesome, but challenging world.

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Fallon and Robie Vaughn

One way to inspire philanthropy is to inform potential supporters about the amazing experiences and life-changing discoveries that occur daily within each of the institutions that comprise the UT System.

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Patty and James Huffines 

As Patty and James Huffines traveled across Texas, they met faculty and staff members who worked tirelessly to ensure that UT institutions were among the best in the United States.

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Alba Ortiz and Jim Yates 

Alba Ortiz and Jim Yates created a Chancellor’s Excellence Endowment to support the chancellor’s efforts to launch and sustain critical initiatives that add value to the work of all 15 UT institutions.

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